Building Game AI using Machine Learning: Working with TensorFlow, Keras and Intel MKL in Python

A look into how I built NeuroBlast in Python taking advantage of Intel MKL optimizations and many of the open-source data-science packages available.

Building an ML-Powered game AI using TensorFlow in Go

Guest Blog on GopherData.io covering building NeuroBlast for Go.

GopherCon 17 Lightning Talk: Building ML-Powered Game AI using TensorFlow in Go

A 10-minute talk I gave at GopherCon 2017 on building NeuroBlast in Go.

NeuroBlast: Classic space shooter powered by ML

NeuroBlast is a classic arcade space shooter powered by ML.

Surveying the Go Database Landscape

A survey of the Go database landscape.

Using Pre-Trained Models with TensorFlow in Go

Using pre-trained COCO object identification in Go.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air

Snowboard Simulation title on PS4, XB1, PC released in 2016.

Go Man's Sky

ANSi space exploration game created for Ludum Dare 38 over a weekend.


go-ansi is a CLI and library that takes ANSi BBS art files and converts them to PNG/bitmaps. I used this to drive the art in Go Man’s Sky.